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Seventy Per Cent Water

Seventy Per Cent Water is; a musical collaboration between: Francis Lock - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals and whatever else comes to hand, Mark Beal - Drums, Percussion and holding the baby and Bev Jones - Production, Bass, Keyboards and whatever else comes to mind. A recent addition to the line-up is Kiani Geldard - Vocals, a young but very talented singer-songwriter in her own right and she has brought a fresh and spirited approach to the project, watch out for more great things from her in the future.

Title: Lifeline

This song is about how ones life can fall apart. The chaos and confusion that such a fall brings and how a true friend can save you from the depths and bring you back to the light.


Music: Francis Lock and Mark Beal.

Lyrics: Francis Lock

Francis Lock: Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and piano.

Mark Beal: Drums and percussion.

Bev Jones: Keyboards.

Title: As You Breathe

This song is about passion. Passion as a force in itself, a force for love, hate, faith, violence or creativity. The drive behind intense physical love or a terrorist act, a force to create life or destroy it.


Music: Francis Lock and Mark Beal.

Lyrics: Francis Lock

Francis Lock: Vocals, electric guitar, lead guitar, slide guitar and bass guitar.

Mark Beal: Drums.

Bev Jones: Keyboards.

Title: Love 71

Love 71 is an upbeat song celebrating the gathering of peoples throughout the ages to commemorate, with music, dance and ritual; life, nature, birth, death and rebirth or just having a good time wether at Glastonbury in 2015 or the Stone Age and beyond.

The leading vocalist is Kiani Geldard who hails from Brynsiencyn, Anglesey.